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(Busseto 1826 - Cavoretto 1899)

Black chalk, on transparent paper pasted on a thin cardboard. Stamped signature A. Pasini, dated and titled in black chalk 6 Maggio Bauchir 1855 / tramonto. The full sheet 200 x 322 mm, to the image 156 x 322.
For a similar sketch drawn in Bauchir on the eigth of May 1855 see Vittoria Botteri Cardoso, Pasini, Genoa 1991; cat. no. 75, p 225.
Another one, with the same subject drawn on the same day, was exhibited at Silbernag in 1996.

Price: 1.700,00 €

Alberto Pasini was one of the most popular Italian painters of oriental scenes during the late nineteenth century. Born in the small town of Busseto, near Parma, he studied at the Accademia in Parma, where he learned lithography. From 1851 to 1853, he studied in Paris with Eugène Cicéri, a French lithographer and landscapist. During this period, he was influenced by the romantic oriental painter Eugène Fromentin. The Barbizon landscapists Eugène Isabey and Théodore Rousseau also greatly influenced Pasini, who exhibited for the first time in the Salon of 1853. Pasini travelled throughout the Middle East, especially to Turkey, Persia, Syria, and Egypt. Alberto Pasini's work found great official acceptance, and he won many awards, including the chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur in 1868, and officer of the Légion in 1878.