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(Venice 1764 - 1836)

A) Portrait of a gentleman, after Jacob Jordaens, inscribed and signed in pen Jacopo Giordans Pittore / Francesco Novelli dis. 88 x 71 mm
B) Portrait of a woman, after Rembrandt, signed in pen Novelli dis 90 x 74 mm

Black chalk, both pasted on thin cardboard.
The two drawings are connected with the intense activity carried out by Francesco as print maker.
The female portrait derives from an etching by Rembrandt, while for the Jordaens portrait I did not find an engraved source but only a painting offered in 2016 on the art market.


Pupil and collaborator of his father Pier Antonio, Francesco devoted himself particularly to print making. His etchings reproducing Rembrandt's prints from the Zanetti collection were very successful. He was also very active in Venetian publishing, providing drawings for illustrations and etchings.