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1866 - 1908

Toshikata studied at the printmaking school of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi. He also apprenticed for a time with a ceramic painter and studied traditional Japanese painting with Shibata Hoshu and Watanabe Seitei. In the late 1890s, the Sino-Japanese War stimulated a short-lived revival of ukiyo-e printmaking and hundreds of designs were made and quickly sold. Toshikata was among the artists that were able to sell their designs during this short time period. His war prints are thought to be among the best reports of the events of the war. He also published a number of series of bijin prints and genre scenes. Moreover, Toshikata became an associate member of the Japan Art Academy, led by Okakura Tenshin , and discussed with fellow painters such as Yokoyama Taikan and Hishida Shuns? about producing a new style of Japanese painting. Considering that his line of pupils include Ito Shinsui, it can be said that Toshikata had a considerable impact on Japanese-style paintings of the Taish? and Sh?wa periods.