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Anholt near Bocholt 1794 - Rome 1876

Born into a family of artists, Franz Nadorp entered the Prague Academy of Art in 1814, thanks to a scholarship received from his country gentleman Prince Constantin of Salm-Salm. There he trained as a history painter, with his teacher Joseph Bergler. In the summer of 1827 Nadorp finished his training and, in the autumn of the same year, he accompanied his patron on his trip to Italy. After the Prince's return, Nadorp reached Rome in January 1828. There he would spend most of his life. In the city he joined the Nazarenes group, young German artists active in Rome, who pursued the artistic ideal of a return to medieval art and its spirituality. He was one of the founders of the Roman Künstlerbund (1829) and of the Union of German Artists (1845). In many sketches and drawings he described the social life of his brothers of art. Numerous religious representations attest to Nadorp's fondness for Christian and ancient culture. However, he could not achieve his goal of gaining fame and reputation as a history painter. Larger orders failed to materialize despite important advocates, and after the death of his patron, Nadorp had to earn his living with drawing lessons in noble families in Rome. In August 1862, he traveled to his homeland, but, after unsuccessful efforts to obtain support, returned to Rome. Finally, on a new initiative of German friends, the Salm-Salm family granted him a life annuity in 1876, however, Nadorp died in September of the same year.