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Piacenza 1912 – Milan 1992

Bruno Cassinari trained at the Gazzola Institute in Piacenza in the 1920s before moving to Milan where he attended the Brera where he graduated with Aldo Carpi in 1938. In Milan he frequented the environment of the group Corrente, exhibiting at the group's shows. He went to Paris with  other painters the group, as Treccani, Morlotti, Guttuso, Birolli and De Grada: there he was influenced by the Cubism by Picasso. He met Braque and Chagall in Antibes where he set up home and opened an artistic studio in 1949. in the Fifties, Cassinari’s work not only was receiving tributes at the Biennale in Venice, but was also renowned on the international artistic circle for the artist’s participation in influential exhibitions in the United States, in Australia, in South America. In the Sixties his art was characterized by a deep and personal realism represented with new subjects like flowers, storms and pomegranates. Cassinari obtained a great success and was esteemed by critics, indeed he lived his life travelling to exhibit his paintings in many cities: italian and foreign museums and art galleries. He was protagonist of important contemporary art festivals and he received many awards.