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Soresina 1932 - Milan 2009

Born near Cremona, Federica Galli attended the Brera Academy in Milan, from where she graduated in 1954 with a diploma in painting. She began engraving in the same year experimenting with etching, a technique she never abandoned for the rest of her life. Starting from her early personal exhibitions – the first one took place in 1960 in Milan – she met with the favour of public and critics alike. In the space of a few years, she could count on the support of some of the most authoritative critics of her time. Between 1954 and 2008, Federica Galli engraved over eight hundred plates with a focus on three principal themes: landscapes, trees and cityscapes. The urban views are those of Milan and Venice, cities that held a special meaning in the life of Federica Galli. The artist has dedicated a collection of works to the most important Monumental Trees of our peninsular, with over sixty plants selected for their historical, naturalistic or aesthetic interest. Federica Galli, who passed away on 6 February 2009, has entrusted her artistic legacy to a Foundation bearing her name, which was set up on 17 July 2009 in Milan.