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Naples 1596 - 1675

De Dominici's biography presents Andrea De Lione as a complex artist who studied with both the late Mannerist Belisario Corenzio and the more modern Aniello Falcone, who knew how to make the most of different artistic contexts, and who was equally at home with drawing, painting and fresco. In his long career (De Lione died at the age of seventy-five) he was in contact with Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione for at least 25 years, exchanging with him subjects and images. The Roman activity of the Neapolitan artist, his relations with Castiglione and the group known as pittori del dissenso, was recently explored by Miriam di Penta in her monograph dedicated to De Leone. See Miriam Di Penta, Andrea De Leone (Napoli 1610-1685) Un saggio di ricostruzione. Cataloghi dei dipinti e dei disegni, Rome, De Luca Editori d'arte, 2016.