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Messina 1908 - Milan 1997

Born in Sicily, Migneco moved to Milan in 1931. He attended University courses in medicine, which he soon abandoned in the attempt to realise his artistic aspirations. In 1937 he was among the founders of the Corrente movement, together with Birolli, Sassu, De Grada and Treccani. In 1940 he inaugurated his first personal exhibition in Genoa, at Cairola Gallery. In 1942 another solo show was held at Spiga Gallery and the same year he participated at the Bergamo Award. Immediately afterwards he was called up for military service and had to interrupt his artistic activities until 1945. Since the beginning his realism was influenced by Mexican murals, combined with figures and landscapes proper of Sicilian tradition. During 1960’s Migneco reached international fame and he dedicated the last years of his work experimenting neo-fauvism.