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Assisi 1564 - Rome 1624

Italian painter, draughtsman and engraver, who arrived in Rome from Assisi during the papacy of Sixtus V. He was a pupil of Cornelis Cort, whose engravings he copied, and was associated in his youth with Agostino Carracci. His early dated prints are after designs by Correggio, Ventura Salimbeni, and Antonio Tempesta. In 1596 Villamena was commissioned by pope Clement VIII for a number of engravings of religious subjects. He made few original engravings but reproduced designs of artists including Raphael, Paolo Veronese, Federico Barocci, Girolamo Muziano and Giulio Romano. Villamena was a virtuoso of the burin, a very skilled technician, who knew all the possibilities of the stroke and the crossing of lines, making use of a clear and vigorous sign.