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Arena Po 1908 - Milan 1988

Giuseppe Motti was born in Arena Po in 1908. In Milan he attended courses at the Brera Academy. At the end of the twenties, groups of young artists were formed in Italy whose innovative research was directed and aimed outside the indications of the masters of Novecento. Motti approaches the group of Chiaristi, frequents them, forms friendships with Lilloni. At the end of the Second World War, Motti was involved in the anti-fascist partisan movements in Val d'Ossola. After the end of the conflict he participates in the realist movement and with friends of the group, centered in Milan at the Galleria Borgonuovo, he fervently engages in the search for a new expressiveness, always deduced from precise relationships with the real world, which will take him through various experiences formal to the maturation of a singular and personal pictorial quality.