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Ludolf Verworner, seated female nude

Black chalk on brown paper, partly squared. Signed 'Ludolf Verworner'. 620 x 472 mm.

Verworner studied at the Academy in Leipzig. In 1884 he moved to Dresden, studying under Leon Pohle. His fellow students were Ludwig von Hofmann, Walter Witting, Max Pietschmann, Robert Sterl. In 1890 he moved to Paris, to study at the Académie Julian. In 1891 he was in Berlin and met Max Liebermann. In 1894 Verworner settled in Fiesole, near Florence, with his wife, Charlotte. Verworner painted mainly landscapes and portraits and was influenced by Arnold Böcklin and Hans von Marées. The First World War forced him to leave Fiesole and to move to Switzerland. He was back in Fiesole in 1920. Tormented by financial and psychological problems, he committed suicide in 1927.
See Stefano De Rosa, 'Heinrich Ludolf Verworner, il colore del dubbio', catalogue of the exhibition at Fiesole, Palazzina Mangani; Milan, 1997

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