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Enrico Vegetti, self-portrait


ENRICO VEGETTI (Turin 1863 - Nernier 1951) SELF-PORTRAIT
Monotype, 1918. Printed on cardboard; signed, dated and dedicated in pen 'Enrico Vegetti / all'Eg Prof Colombo / auguri, congratulazioni / Milano 12/3 18'. With large margins. Evenly toned, other defects in the margins but generally in good condition. To the plate-mark 114 x 90 mm, the entire sheet measuring 241 x 169 mm.
In all likelihood Vegetti created this monotype retracting himself in the mirror while he was working the plate.
The dedicatee is Giuseppe Colombo (1836-1921), an important Milanese figure. It is also likely that Vegetti dedicated to Colombo this monotype on the occasion of his birthday; in fact Giuseppe Colombo was born on the third of December.

A painter, watercolorist and printmaker, Enrico Vegetti won the Mylius prize for the fresco painting at the Brera, where he exhibited regularly from 1885. His works were included in exhibitions in Rome, Florence, Munich and London. A traveller in Europe beyond the Alps, he recorded in notebook his impressions, which were then translated into etchings, often enriched, in printing, by tonal effects.
See Raffaele Calzini, 'Enrico Vegetti acquafortista e il mistero del paesaggio', in 'Emporium, Vol. LX, n. 359.


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