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Mario Tozzi, standing female nude

MARIO TOZZI (Fossombrone 1895 - St. Jean Du Gard 1979) SKETCH OF A STANDING FEMALE NUDE
Black chalk, 130 x 105 mm. The drawing has been authenticated by the 'Archivio Tozzi', (no. 1356) and dated 1945.

Tozzi spent his childhood and adolescence in Suna on Lake Maggiore. He began to study chemistry, but broke off these studies to enroll in the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts, where he met Giorgio Morandi and Osvaldo Licini. After fighting in the First World War, he married Marie-Thérèse Lemaire; she was from Paris, where they settled and Tozzi started his career as an artist. In Paris in 1920 he exhibited work at the Salon des Indipendants. From then on he also took part regularly and with increasing success in the Salon d'Automne and the Salon des Tuileries. In Italy he held his first personal exhibition, presented by Massimo Campigli, in 1923 in Pallanza, and was later to be invited to the Venice Bienniali, to the exhibitions of the Milanese group Novecento and the Quadriennali in Rome. In 1926 he founded in Paris, together with Campigli, Severini, De Chirico, De Pisis, Paresce and Savinio the "Groupe des Sept" (Group of Seven). From 1927 Mario Tozzi enjoyed great success at a variety of international art exhibitions, but in 1936 his health began to decline, so that he exhibited less and less and was often obliged to stop painting altogether. Until 1944 he divided his time between Paris, Suna, and Rome. When his health improved he began to paint again, and in 1958 held a personal exhibition at the Galleria Annunciata in Milan. In 1971 Tozzi moved to Paris, where his daughter lived.

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