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Telemaco Signorini, il ghetto


Etching, from the series devoted to the 'Mercato Vecchio', in Florence. Signed with monogram in the plate and signed in pencil 'TSignorini' at the bottom margin. A fine, wiped clean impression printed in black ink on white wove paper, with full margins. Minor flaws at margins, generally in very good condition. To the platemark 368 x 234 mm, the entire sheet measuring 578 x 357 mm.
The inking of this impression is very special: the plate was cleaned carefully, removing any trace of surface-tone. Moreover, a vertical strip, more than 1 cm. wide, corresponding to the wall in the foreground on the extreme left side, has not been inked. I know of no other impressions with these peculiarities, which let me think of a kind of artist's proof. It should also be noted that the paper, quite thin and not suitable for an edition, has cracked along the platemark in a few areas.

Signorini was a writer, theoretician and the spokesman for the Macchiaioli. He was also the first of the group, together with Borrani, to paint outdoors. Signorini was a passionate free spirit, who spent most of his life wandering in Italy and the capitals of Europe, always eventually returning to Florence. He met Degas, who visited Florence in 1855 and 1859, and the two artists became lifelong friends. Signorini frequently travelled to Paris and London, to sell and exhibit his works, at the Royal Academy and the Grosvenor Gallery in London, and with the dealers Goupil and Reitlinger in Paris. He also visited Boldini and De Nittis in Paris and became interested in the work of Manet. Signorini's style was unique among the Macchiaioli. His interest in nature and landscape was more objective and analytical. Signorini was a splendid draftsman and printmaker.


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