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Christian Schad, dompteuse, 1915


CHRISTIAN SCHAD (Miesbach 1894 - Stuttgart 1982) DOMPTEUSE (1915)
Woodcut, Richter 8. Printed in 1969, edition of 42. Titled, numbered, signed and dated in pencil. To the image 148 x 94 mm. The entire sheet measuring 259 x 180 mm.

Christian Schad studied at Munich Art Academy in 1913. At first he was oriented on Expressionism. During World War I he was in Zurich. There he met Hans Arp, Hugo Ball and Tristan Zara and joined the Dada movement. He was also a good friend of the poet Walter Serner, who was the publisher of the magazine 'Sirius'. Schad worked on woodcuts to be published in magazines and portfolios. He had his first one-man show in Zurich in 1915. Two years later he moved to Geneva where he developed photograms, also called 'Schadographies', with light-sensitive photo plates. In the years between 1920 and 1925 he lived in Rome and Naples. The paintings originating from those years clearly show how he had been inspired by the Italian cultural landscape that surrounded him. He moved to Vienna in 1925 and to Berlin in 1928. During his time in Vienna and Berlin Schad made portraits of artists, intellectuals and famous people. Along with the painters Otto Dix and George Grosz, Christian Schad is regarded as one of the main representatives of New Objectivity. After the National Socialists had taken over power, Schad withdrawn himself little by little. In 1935 he became business manager of a brewery depot. His studio was bombed out in an air raid in 1942. The early 1950s marked the beginning of his so-called magic paintings (Magische Bilder), as of around 1960 he returned to his 'Schadographies'.

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