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Raffaello Arcangelo Salimbeni, after the bath

RAFFAELLO ARCANGELO SALIMBENI (Florence 1914 - 1991) DOPO IL BAGNO (After the bath)
Bronze, 12,5 by 44 by 8 cm. EXHIBITED: 'Raffaello Arcangelo Salimbeni. Sculture, dipinti, disegni (1940-1973)', Florence, Parterre, April 1995. See the catalogue of the exhibition, by Ornella Casazza, p. 22, illustrated. // 'Raffaello Arcangelo Salimbeni. (1914-1973)', Siena, Magazzini del Sale, April-June 2004. See the catalogue of the exhibition, by Annalisa Pezzo, no. 211, illustrated.

Salimbeni had his first artistic training at the Istituto d'Arte, in Siena, under the sculptor Fulvio Corsini. The painter Gianni Vagnetti persuaded him to continue his studies at the Scuola di Porta Romana, in Florence. In Florence Salimbeni met Bruno Innocenti, the successor of Libero Andreotti as sculpture teacher at the Scuola di Porta Romana. Salimbeni's most important monumental work was the statue of Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, in Florence.

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