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Sadanobu III, maiko in snow


Original watercolour, preparatory for a small tanzaku print published by Uchida, ca. 1930-40. Signed 'Sadanobu', 188 x 82 mm.
Sold with an impression of the print.

Hasegawa Sadanobu III was born in an old family of Ukiyo-e artists. He was trained by his father and his grandfather, who originally came from Osaka. Sadanobu III practiced some kind of colorful shin-hanga style. His subjects include Kabuki actors and scenes, scenes from Bunraku (the traditional puppet show), bijin (often depictions of 'mako', young apprentice geishas), genre prints and scenes from Japanese history. Most of his work was commissioned by the Uchida company in Kyoto, which at that time was one of the largest publishers of Colour woodblock prints in Japan.

price: 480,00 euros

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