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Domenico Piola, sketches of flying putti


Black chalk, inscribed 'D. Piola' in pen at the bottom right. On paper with watermark 'Three circles with the coat of arms of Genoa'; 298 x 217 mm. Corners on the left missing.

One of the most sought-after decorative fresco painters in Genoa in the later 17th century, Domenico Piola was the leading member of a local artistic dynasty. Apart from a brief trip to Milan, Bologna and Piacenza (1684-85), he worked for his entire career in and around Genoa. He took part in the large-scale fresco decoration of numerous churches, palaces and villas, collaborating with Valerio Castello and later working with his son-in-law Gregorio de Ferrari. He apprenticed with his family, including his elder brother, Pellegrino Piola, as well as with Domenico Fiasella. Other members of the Piola family, who were artists included Domenico’s brother, Giovanni Andrea and his three sons Paolo Gerolamo, Anton Maria, and Giovanni Battista; his two sons-in-law, Gregorio de' Ferrari and Domenico Parodi and his brother-in-law Stefano Camogli. The large family studio, called Casa Piola excelled in both quadrature fresco decoration and canvases.

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