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Aldo Novarese, winter landscape with bare trees


ALDO NOVARESE (Pontestura, Monferrato 1920 - Turin 1995) WINTER LANDSCAPE WITH BARE TREES
Black china ink and gouache; 350 x 495 mm.; signed, dated and dedicated D. Novarese / 66 / All'amico Pino Tovaglia. PROVENANCE: Pino Tovaglia (1923-1977).

Aldo Novarese has been a painter and illustrator and a designer of typefaces. He studied in Turin at the Scuola per artieri stampatori and at the Scuola Tipografica e di Arti Affini Giuseppe Vigliardi-Paravia, where he was a pupil of Alessandro Butti, subsequently becoming his assistant at the Fonderia caratteri Nebiolo, which was directed by Butti from 1936 to 1952. At the Fonderia Nebiolo Novarese sharpened his skills, expressing himself with talent and genius. In the fifties he created Geraldus, a classic and elegant typeface, Juliet, a graceful corsive and many other.


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