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Marco Marcola, death of a saint


Brush with brown wash and watercolours; 337 x 480 mm. On the verso light architectural sketches in black chalk and an old inscription in pen originale / di Marco Marcola Veronese.
PROVENANCE: Cesare Frigerio (1890-1977?) his mark, Lugt 4363, at bottom center, and Giorgio Della Bella, Lugt 3774 at bottom left.

Marco Marcola was initially apprenticed to his father Giovanni Battista, who was the forefather of a family of painters active in Verona and surrounding. Giovanni Battista made his first apprenticeship with Simone Brentana, but was especially influenced by Sebastiano Ricci and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Marco is the best known artist inside the family, which included three other sons (Nicola, Francesco and Angela) who were all painters. Luigi Lanzi, in his Storia Pittorica d'Italia (Milan, 1831, vol. III, p. 96) described Marco as Pittore universale, speditissimo nel lavorare , ferace nelle inventioni. He was active as an independent painter since 1764 and his manifold activities led him to produce fresco paintings in churches as in palaces, genre paintings as well as set designs. See Leonia Romin Meneghello, Marco Marcola, pittore veronese del Settecento, Verona, 1983.


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