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Il Malosso, Mercury


PROVENANCE: Igino Cerastico (1928-1979).Pen, brown ink, washed in grey. 240 x 153 mm. Several losses; the original sheet has been pasted on a thick, antique piece of paper, wich bears on its verso a light sketch of a cartouche in pen and the attibution del Cavalier / Malossi.
PROVENANCE: Igino Cerastico (1928-1979).

Giovanni Battista Trotti was the favourite pupil of Bernardino Campi in Cremona; he was also influenced by the work of Correggio and by Bernardino Gatti, Il Sojaro, and absorbed a special interest in landscape from the Flemish painters he met in Parma. He and his busy workshop executed an impressive series of commissions in Cremona and neighbouring regions. To cope with the plentyful quantity of commissions received, many of his designs were executed by his pupils, but he signed the finished paintings by his own hand. In the early 17th century il Malosso, as he was nicknamed, was employed as a painter, architect and interior designer by members of the Farnese family in Parma, for example on the decoration of the Palazzo del Giardino (now Palazzo Ducale), and was awarded the title of 'Cavaliere'. He often returned to Cremona to work and supervise his workshop.

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