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Emilio Gola, landscape with trees

Black chalk, grey wash, heightened with white; 158 x 206 mm. Signed E Gola, inscribed 75 x 100.

The son of a Milanese nobleman, Gola graduated in engineering at the Milan Politecnico. He did not enrol at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, but took private lessons from Sebastiano De Albertis. At the same time he became interested in the works of Tranquillo Cremona and Daniele Ranzoni. His wealthy family background enabled him to make a series of visits to France, the Netherlands and England where he encountered the work of foreign artists. Gola made his artistic début at the Brera Annual Exhibition in 1879. His early work was already noted for its strong colour combinations and vigorous brushwork. Gola’s oeuvre can be divided principally by subject matter: landscapes with figures, mostly executed in Brianza; seascapes, particularly of Alassio and the Venetian lagoon; and portraits. Gola was influenced by the work of the Scapigliati, particularly by their use of juxtaposed or superimposed brushstrokes to attain certain effects of light and colour. However, his subject matter was different, his colours more brilliant, his brushwork freer, occasionally virtually ignoring form.

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