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Fedele Fischetti, Noli Me Tangere


Pen, grey ink, washed in grey; arched framing lines in pen and black ink; 347 x 193 mm.
PROVENANCE: Francesco Molinari Pradelli (Bologna 1911-1996)
The drawing is related to the altarpiece of the same subject painted by Fischetti for the church of Santa Caterina da Siena in Naples. The altarpiece was part of the numerous commissions received by the artist for that church between 1765 and 1767.

Fischetti married in 1753 Maria Anna Borrelli, daughter of the painter Gennaro Borreli, who taught him the rudiments of painting. In all his juvenile production, between 1760 and 1770, the influence of Roman classicism, particularly of Batoni, is quite evident. This relationship with the Roman artistic production seems to corroborate the hypothesis of a study trip to Rome. The first production of Fischetti is religious, with interventions in several Neapolitan churches: lo Spirito Santo, Santa Maria in Portico, Santa Maria la Nova and Santa Caterina da Siena.
Specialising in fresco painting and having a close artistic partnership with Luigi Vanvitelli, Fischetti’s activity, starting from 1770, took place above all in the field of large fresco decoration in churches and palaces: Palazzo Maddaloni and Palazzo Casacalenda (1770) Cappella Pignatelli (1772) and Villa Campolieto in Ercolanum (1772-73), Reggia di Caserta (1778-81) Palazzo Doria d’Angry (1784) and Palazzo Cellamare (c. 1789). Fischetti's industrious activity lasted almost to death. Two of his sons, Alessandro and Odoardo were also painters.


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