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Andre Derain, standing female nude


ANDRE' DERAIN (Chatou 1880 - Garches 1954) STANDING FEMALE NUDE
Red chalk, 392 x 306 mm. PROVENANCE: stamped with the Atelier Derain stamp on the recto, and with the stamp of the Knaublich sale on the verso. This second stamp relates to a large sale which took place in Paris in the auction house Loiseau and Schmitz, where the Raymonde Knaublich collection of Derain's works was sold. Raymonde Knaublich was Derain's model and lover.

Andre' Derain was a leading figure of the Fauve movement in France. Derain had first planned to become an engineer before deciding to study art at the Académie Julian. He shared a studio with his friend Vlaminck, painted with Matisse, and was a frequent visitor to the studios on the rue Ravignan, known as the Bateau Lavoir, where his friends Braque and Picasso worked. As a Fauve Derain was principally concerned with line and color and enjoyed squeezing tubes of bright color on his canvas. In and around 1908, Derain turned to the study of form and structure, and experimented with Cubism, Impressionism, and the styles of van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cezanne, in an effort to find a style that pleased him. An early interest in the Renaissance masters led him to a further study of paintings of the past and he went as far back as the Italian primitives and the Gothic masters. During his years of study he worked as a wood-engraver and illustrated many famous books. He also executed a great many sets and costumes for the Ballet Russe. In the later years of his career, after 1920, he painted brilliant still lives, classical landscapes, and some of the finest portraits of his day.

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