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Giberto Borromeo Arese, six sketches of landscapes


a) Study of a mulberry tree, pen and brown ink; 231 x 115 mm
b) Study of landscape with a stream, pen and black ink; 133 x 206 mm
c) Study of a boat in a lagoon, pen and black ink; 101 x 200 mm. On the verso another sketch of the same subject
d) Study of a tree branch, pen and brown ink; 145 x 110 mm
e) Study of sailing boats on the sea, pen and brown ink; 132 x 206 mm
f) Sketch of a landscape with trees, pen and brown ink; 130 x 205 mm
PROVENANCE: all the drawings bear on the verso the mark Collezione Carlo Merlini Gorgonzola and information written in pencil about Giberto Borromeo Arese.
I do not know other drawings by Giberto Borromeo, but the sketches presented here fit perfectly with the subjects and the graphic modes of his etchings.

The son of count Vitaliano, Giberto studied law at the Collegio Borromeo in Pavia. After his father's death, as the firstborn, he held important public offices, such as Curator of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, counselor of the Brera Academy and member of the board of directors of the Fabbrica del Duomo (the Factory of the Milan cathedral). Since his youth, he devoted himself to painting, which he did not abandon all his life. A pupil of Luigi Ashton, he turned for advice also to Antonio Fontanesi. He specialized in the genre of landscape, reaching personal achievements, which set him apart from his teachers and other Lombard artists of his time. Giberto Borromeo was also a skillful etcher, whose prints fully confirm his independent and original artistic vein.

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