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Achille Beltrame, an open air theatre

Watercolour, signed in pencil ABeltrame; 280 x 197 mm.

Beltrame began to study drawing in Vicenza, but soon moved to Milan, where he attended at the Brera the lessons of Giuseppe Bertini. He immediately revealed a considerable attitude, so much so that in 1890, still a student, he won the prize Mylius with a painting still preserved in the Brera Academy. He exhibited again in 1891 at the first Triennial of Brera and, in 1894, at the second Triennale. He also participated in several group exhibitions of the Società di Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente of Milan and at the Esposizione Nazionale of Turin in 1898. At the Mostra degli Acquerellisti Lombardi, held at the Palazzo della Permanente in 1936, the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan bought a watercolour by him. Other paintings by Beltrame are in the Museo di Milano. Also notable is his work as a portraitist and he also worked as a fresco painter. Beltrame held his first solo exhibition in 1941 at Ranzini Gallery in Milan. Commemorative exhibitions took place after his death. The name of the Beltrame is still primarily linked to his prodigious activity as an illustrator, which began in 1896, at the Illustrazione Italiana, where he worked until 1898, when he was called to the new illustrated magazine of il Corriere della Sera, La Domenica del Corriere. He collaborated to the magazine from the first issue, published on January 8, 1899, until 1944, the year before his death.

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