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Alessandro Allori, nude female sitting


Black chalk, heightened with white chalk on light blue paper. Squared with white chalk. On the verso sketch of a male figure seen from the back, and three studies of hands. 393 X 195 mm.
PROVENANCE: Ferruccio Asta, Lugt 116a.
The Bronzineque female figure fits well with the style of Alessandro Allori, who was raised and educated in painting by Angelo Bronzino. Also the sketch on the verso of a male figure seen from the rear recalls the many climbing figures in the celebrated Pearl Fishing, painted by Allori for the Studiolo of Francesco I; but I was not able to identify a precise relation with a work by the artist.

Allori was only five years old when his father died and he was taken under the care of Angelo Bronzino, a family friend, often referred to as his uncle. His entire young life he spent growing up in Bronzino’s workshop in Florence. While still in his early teens Allori assisted Bronzino in producing cartoons for the borders of the latter's Story of Joseph tapestries for the Palazzo Vecchio. In 1554 he went to Rome, where he enthusiastically studied the works of both antiquity and Michelangelo. On his return to Florence in 1559, he was engaged to decorate the Montauto Chapel in Santissima Annunziata and to paint a Descent from the Cross for Santa Croce. These works reveal the profound effect Michelangelo's art had on Allori. In subsequent projects Allori's Michelangelism is less pronounced as he invests it with some of the preciosity of form he learned from Bronzino. He employed a similar hybrid style in the two works he executed for Francesco I's Studiolo: the Gathering of Pearls and the Banquet of Cleopatra. Not long after Vasari's death in 1574, Allori advanced to the positions of court painter and director of the Florentine Arazzeria (tapestry factory).

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