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Ambrogio Alciati, female portrait


Red chalk and stumping; on cardboard, pasted on another cardboard. 434 x 291 mm. On the back the mounting cardboard bears sketches of figures, partly cancelled, and the inscription DONATOMI / DAL CUGINO / AMBROGIO / ALCIATI / APRILE 1926

Alciati studied at the Istituto di Belle Arti in Vercelli, then enrolled in the Brera Academy in Milan and studied under Vespasiano Bignami, Giuseppe Mentessi and Cesare Tallone. His works show also the influences of Tranquillo Cremona and Giovanni Boldini. In 1920 he became a teacher at the Academy of Brera, taking the place of his master Cesare Tallone. Alciati had a short (he died at age 51) but brilliant career as an official and society portrait painter. The artist painted numerous portraits of people day dreaming, contemplating, especially women and children.

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