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Giuseppe Agellio, flying angel


GIUSEPPE AGELLIO (Sorrento 1570, active ca. 1620) FLYING ANGEL
Red chalk, 54 x 78 mm.
I recently offered this drawing on my website with a very generic attribution and I have to thank Nicolas Schwed, who kindly pointed out to me the correct attribution to Giuseppe Agellio, bringing to my attention the article in the magazine Paragone devoted to the artist as a draughtsman: Mauro Vincenzo Fontana, Per Giuseppe Agellio disegnatore, in Paragone, Anno LXVI, Terza serie, Numero 123-124 (787-789), September-November 2015.

Giovanni Baglione mentions in his Vite Giuseppe Agellio da Sorriento as a pupil of Pomarancio and many other sources indicate the painter as a close associate of Cristoforo Roncalli until the latter's departure to Loreto, in 1605. Agellio painted frescoes in the choir of the Church of San Silvestro in Quirinale (1602-1604) with the collaboration of Matteo Zaccolini, after the interruption of the work initiated by the Alberti brothers in the choir, interruption caused by the death of Giovanni Alberti in 1601. According to sources Agellio also worked with Alessandro Casolani.

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