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Alberto Manfredi, works on paper
Alberto Manfredi (Reggio Emilia, 1930-2001) after graduating at the University of Bologna was, for many years, professor of etching at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence. He was one of the most respected and refined painters and print-makers in Italy. Manfredi frequently met Giorgio Morandi and made many portraits of him. He moved also in literary circles and as a result illustrated over a hundred literary works and 'livres d’artiste'. He held many exhibitions of his paintings which received critical acclaim (the critic Maccari wrote 'Manfredi is one of the very few painters who still knows how to draw'). As a result of his fine draughtsmanship he became a very accomplished printmaker of etchings, drypoints and linocuts, with a wonderful sense of the use of colour. His subjects include portraits, landscapes, animals and female figures and a number of catalogues have been published by leading galleries in which he exhibited, in Italy and France. Many of his prints were not made as commercial editions, but were for his own joy in the art and printed in editions of 10 to 15 impressions.

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ALBERTO MANFREDI, A group of women, etching

ALBERTO MANFREDI, Rue Delambre seen through a window, drypoint

ALBERTO MANFREDI, The painter and his model, etching, SOLD

ALBERTO MANFREDI, A woman seated at a table, etching and drypoint

ALBERTO MANFREDI, The roof-terrace, drypoint, SOLD

ALBERTO MANFREDI, Portrait of Apollinaire, drypoint

ALBERTO MANFREDI, Two women, etching, SOLD

ALBERTO MANFREDI,The lady with glasses, drypoint, SOLD

ALBERTO MANFREDI, Five people in a room, drypoint

ALBERTO MANFREDI, The model, black chalk, SOLD

ALBERTO MANFREDI, Seated Woman, black chalk

ALBERTO MANFREDI, A dove, black chalk and watercolor

ALBERTO MANFREDI, Les conquerants, black chalk and watercolor

ALBERTO MANFREDI, The woman with a fringe, watercolor

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