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Mattia Jona, index by artist
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RAGIONE, Raffaele (1851-1925) • Seated female figures, black chalk

RAPETTI, Camillo (1859-1929) • Paesaggio (S. Giulia), etching
  • Fanciulla all'organo, etching

RATINI, Luigi (1880-1934) • The death of Turno, from the Aeneid, photogravure
  • Aeneid, Book II, the complete set of six photogravures
  • The death of Turno, from the Aeneid, photogravure
  • Aeneas meets Anchises, from the Aeneid, photogravure

REDON, Odilon (1840-1916) • Sirene, lithograph

RIBERA, Jusepe de (1591-1652) • The lamentation, etching

RIETTI, Arturo (1863-1943) • Portrait of a woman, black chalk
  • Self-portrait, black chalk

RODIN, Auguste (1840-1917) • Le printemps, drypoint

Roman Artist, late 16th, early 17th century • Saint Andrew, red chalk

ROMANI, Romolo (1884-1916) • Portrait, black chalk

ROPS, Félicien (1833-1898) • Le major est si difficile, etching

ROSA, Salvator (1615-1673) • A saint in ecstasy, red chalk

ROSAI, Ottone (1895-1957) • Landscape with olive tree, black chalk

ROSSI, Egisto (1824/25-1899) • A fake of a Bartolini drawing, pen

ROTTA, Silvio Giulio (1853-1913) • Chorus singers and pianist, black chalk
  • Two studies of male heads, black chalk

ROWLANDSON, Thomas (1756-1827) • Juno, watercolour

RUSSO, Mario (1925-2000) • Mother with baby, black chalk

RUSSOLO, Luigi (1885-1947) • Roofs, etching
  • Mother with baby, etching

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