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Mattia Jona, index by artist
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PAGANI, Paolo (1655-1716) • The virgin and child with saints, pen and brown ink

PAGLIANO, Eleuterio (1826-1903) • A lion, etching
  • The smoker, etching
  • An Abruzzo farmer, etching
  • The laundry, etching
  • Seated girl spinning, watercolour
  • A seated girl, watercolour

PALAGI, Pelagio (1775-1860) • The Olympus, red chalk

PALANTI, Giuseppe (1881-1948) • A view of the Naviglio Pavese in Milan, black chalk

PANERAI, Ruggero (1862-1923) • Street scene, pen and ink
  • Horse carts, black chalk

PARMEGGIANI, Carlo (1881-1967) • Luglio e Agosto, Maturità, black chalk

PASINI, Alberto (1826-1899) • View of the Sunset in Bauchir, Persia, black chalk
  • Transit of a caravan, black chalk
  • Autumn, litograph

PASSERI, Giuseppe (1654-1714) • Sketch of a medallion, pen

PEDRINI, Filippo (1763-1856) • A pair of allegorical drawings dedicated to Cardinal Opizzoni, pen and watercolours
  • A pair of drawings, pen

PETRELLA DA BOLOGNA, Vittorio (1886-1951) • Head of a dog, black chalk

PETRUCCI, Carlo Alberto (1881-1963) • La fiera di Viterbo, etching

PIATTOLI, Giuseppe (active 1785-1807) • Scene in an Ancient Military Camp, pen and wash
  • Laocoon, pen and wash

PIAZZETTA, Giovanni Battista (1682-1754) • Self portrait, etching

PICCIO, Giovanni Carnovali (1804-1873) • Self portrait, black chalk
  • A view of St. Peter from the Tiber, black chalk
  • Sketch of a standing man, black chalk
  • Bust of a young boy, black chalk
  • An interesting group of five drawings, derived from cutting a larger sheet of study, black chalk
  • Four drawings of female portraits, black chalk

PIERI-NERLI, Mario (1886-1917) • Comando zona Carnia, etching

PINELLI, Bartolomeo (1781-1835) • Costumi di Albano, watercolour
  • Portrait of a young woman, black chalk
  • The Pope versus Napoleon, six etchings

PINOCHI, Enrico Mauro (1900-1965) • Standing young woman in thirties attire, gouache

PIRANESI, Giambattista (1720-1778) • Magnifico Porto, etching

PODESTI, Francesco (1800-1895) • The triumph of a Roman emperor, pen and wash

POZZI, Ennio (1893-1974) • Child with crossed arms, black chalk
  • A woman sewing, pen and wash

POZZI, Giancarlo (1938) • The fall, black and coloured chalks

POZZOSERRATO, Lodewijk Toeput called (c. 1550-1605) • Mountainous river landscape, pen

PRATELLA, Attilio (1856-1949) • Profile of a man, pen and ink
  • Standing girl, pen and ink
  • Trimmed trees, black chalk
  • Wooded landscape, brown chalk
  • Vases of flowers in a garden, black chalk
  • Wooded landscape, black chalk
  • Wooded landscape, black chalk, wash
  • Landscape with a tree, black chalk
  • Marine landscape, black chalk and wash
  Fishermen on a pier in the Gulf of Naples, pastels and tempera

PREVIATI, Gaetano (1852-1920) • Study of a female nude, brush and brown ink
  • Arab caravan, black chalk
  • Maternità study, black chalk

PROVAGGI, Cesare (XIX century) • Maria de Medici with Rubens, watercolour

PUVIS DE CHAVANNES, Pierre (1824-1898) • Studies of figures, black chalk
  • Half kneeled figure, black chalk

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