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Mattia Jona, index by artist
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NAYMILLER, Filippo (1804-?) • View of the Duomo in Milan, etching and aquatint

Neapolitan Artist, first half of 18th century • Saint Anne, the Virgin and St. Joachim

Neapolitan Artist, 18th century • The death of St. Joseph, pen, washed

NOMELLINI, Plinio (1866-1942) • Male figure in the clouds, black chalk grey washed

NONO, Luigi (1850-1918) • Boats on the lagoon, pen and black ink

Northern Italian Artist, 18th century • Portrait of a woman, black chalk

NOVARESE, Aldo (1920-1995) • Winter landscape, black ink and wash

NOVELLO, Giuseppe (1897-1988) • Portrait of the architect Erberto Carboni, pen and wash
  • Portrait of the painter Enzo Morelli, pen and wash
  • Portrait of the sculptor Enrico Mazzolani, pen and wash
  • Portrait of the sculptor Enrico Mazzolani, seated, pen and wash

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