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Mattia Jona, index by artist
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MACCARI, Mino (1898-1989) • Portrait of Ottone Rosai, black chalk

MAGNASCO, Alessandro (1667-1749) • A saint adoring the crucifix, pen and red chalk

MANCINI, Antonio (1852-1930) • Portrait of a Young Girl, charcoal and white crayon
  • Portrait of the artist's father, bronze

MANFREDI, Alberto (1930-2001) • A group of women, etching
  • Rue Delambre seen through a window, drypoint
  • The painter and his model, etching
  • A woman seated at a table, etching and drypoint
  • The roof-terrace, drypoint
  • Portrait of Apollinaire, drypoint
  • Two women, etching
  • The lady with glasses, drypoint
  • Five people in a room, drypoint
  • The model, black chalk
  • A dove, black chalk and watercolour
  • Les conquerants, black chalk and watercolour
  • The woman with a fringe, watercolour
  • Seated woman, black chalk
  • Portrait of Caterina, colour lithograph
  • Portrait of August Macke, black chalk

MANZI, Riccardo (1925-1993) • Standing man in urban landscape, graphite
  • Original cartoon, black chalk

MANZU', Giacomo (1908-1991) • Death by violence, black chalk
  • Cristo e gli uomini, etching

MARCOLA, Marco (1740-1793) • Death of a saint, brush and watercolours

MARCKS, Gerhard (1889-1981) • Self-portrait, woodcut

MARIANI, Pompeo (1857-1927) • Lady in the woods, monotype
  • Young peasants rest among the olive trees, watercolour
  • A sheet of studies, black chalk

MARINI, Marino (1901-1980) • Pomona, etching and drypoint
  • Seated woman, lithograph

MARTELLI, Ugo (1881-1927) • Rainstorm, black chalk

MARTINI, Alberto (1876-1954) • Colpi Demolitori, pen and brown ink
  • Amore, lithograph
  • Paganini, drypoint

MARUSSIG, Piero (1889-1981) • Four etchings

MASUTTI, Antonio (1813-1895) • Serenade on a gondola, graphite
  • A festival in Venice, graphite

MATTIOLI, Carlo (1911-1994) • Self-portrait, black and coloured chalks, tempera
  • Portrait of Carlo Carrà, etching
  • Portrait of Oreste Macrì, bronze

MICHETTI, Francesco Paolo (1851-1929) • Portrait of a girl, pen
  • Musician playing a mandola, pen and wash
  • A standing girl, pen
  • A self-portrait, pen
  • Portrait of a bearded man, etching
  • L'enfant au panier, etching

MILANI, Aureliano (1732 – 1792) • God creating Sun and Moon, black chalk

MILANI, Umberto (1912-1969) • Boxers, black chalk

MILESI, Alessandro (1856-1945) • Two Capricci, black chalk
  • Profile of a child, black chalk

MINARDI, Tommaso (1787-1871) • A pair of drawings, sketches and studies of draperies, black chalk
  • Sketch for 'Tasso medita la figura della Bellezza', black chalk
  • A composition with figures, reminiscent of Fuseli, black chalk
  • Saint Mark, black chalk

MINGUZZI, Luciano (1911-2004) • A dead Torero, pen and ink

MINOZZI, Filiberto (1877 – 1936) • Mountain landscape, red chalk

MITELLI, Giuseppe Maria (1634-1718) • Quattro fantolini, etching
  • Quattro brutte vecchie, etching
  • Il fallace mondo, etching
  • Ogni cosa, etching
  • La compagnia de ruvinati, etching
  • Il maestro di scuola, etching
  • Il genio, etching
  • Lunario perpetuo, etching

MORELLI, Domenico (1826-1901) • An arab playing the lute, pen

MORELLI, Enzo (1896-1976) • Caricature of Enrico Mazzolani, red chalk

MORGARI, Pietro (1852-1885) • Male portrait, black chalk

MORICCI, Giuseppe (1806-1879) • The painter's family, brush and brown ink

MORLOTTI, Ennio (1910-1992) • Teschio, etching

MOSER, Carl (1873-1939) Il Catinaccio, colour colour woodblock print

MUSIC, Anton Zoran (1909-2005) • Paysage Siennois, etching in colours
  • Uprooted tree, black chalk

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