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Mattia Jona, index by artist
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LAMBERTI, Ludovico, attr. to (c.1650-c.1712) • Landscape with figures, brush and ink

LAURENCIN, Marie (1883-1956) • Profile of a young woman, coloured chalks

LE BRUN, André (1737-1811) • Two sheets of sketches, pen

LEFEBVRE, Jules Joseph (1836-1911) • A drawing class with female students, black chalk

LEGA, Achille (1899-1934) • Marina di Caletta, lithograph

LEVI, Carlo (1902-1975) • Portraits of Mussolini and other fascist leaders, black chalk

LEVY, Moses (1885-1968) • People on the beach, drypoint touched with tempera

LIGABUE, Antonio (1899-1965) • Self-portrait, drypoint

LIPINSKY, Lino (1908-1988) • Max e la lanterna, etching

LIPINSKY, Sigmund (1873-1940) • The Fates, etching
  • Sponda latina, etching
  • Portrait of a young woman, black chalk

LLOYD, Llewelyn (1879-1949) • Lying female nude, black chalk

LOMI, Giovanni (1889-1969) • Docked boats in Livorno, black chalk

LONGANESI, Leo (1905-1957) • Il cuore in bocca, an allegorical drawing, black ink
• An allegorical drawing, watercolour

LONGONI, Alberto (1921-1991) • Fantastic view of a resort town, black ink

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