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Mattia Jona, index by artist
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FABRIS, Placido (1802-1859) • An angel heals the wounds of St.Sebastian, black chalk

FARUFFINI, Federico (1833-1869) • Le Sacrifice Egyptien d'un Vierge au Nil, etching
  • Portrait of Dante Alighieri, black chalk
  • Portrait of Piccio, black chalk

FATTORI, Giovanni (1825-1908) • Cavalry Charge, etching
• Inside stables with horses, etching
  • Un Soldato, etching
  • Dismounted sentry, etching
  • Look-out Post, etching, artist's trial proof
  • Maremma, etching
  • The sergeant, etching
  • Gathering leaves, etching
  • Scouting expedition, etching, a proof impression
  • A bridge on the Affrico torrent, etching
  • Boscaiola, etching
  • House in Bauco, etching
  • Look-out post, etching
  • Seascape near Livorno, etching
  • Tuscan peasant woman, etching
  • Two studies, etching
  • Return from pasture, etching
  •Old Florence market, etching
  • Vincigliata Castle ruins, etching, a proof impression
  • Street near Florence, etching
  • Encampment, etching
  • Avenue in the Cascine Park, etching
  • Horse heads, etching
  • Donkeys at Rest, etching

FAVRETTO, Giacomo (1849-1887) • 16 original drawings collected in an album

FERAGUTTI VISCONTI, Adolfo (1850-1924) • Young women laying down, drypoint, montype

• Two young woman lying, watercolour

FINI, Leanor (1908-1996) • Female head, pen and watercolour

FISCHETTI, Fedele (1849-1887) • Noli Me Tangere, pen and wash

FONTANA, Carlo (active c. 1836) • St. John and St. Matthew, pen and wash

FONTANESI, Antonio (1818-1882) •A View of Porta Romana in Florence, black chalk
  • Al pascolo and paese boschivo, two etchings printed on one sheet by Luigi Conconi

FRATTA, Domenico Maria (1711-1763) • Hercules slaying the Nemean lion, pen

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