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Mattia Jona, index by artist

DALBONO, Eduardo (1841-1915) • Standing woman, black chalk

D'ANNA, Alessandro, (1749-1810), circle of • Man from Abruzzi, gouache

DELACROIX, Eugene (1798-1863) • Head of a woman, black chalk

DELLA PORTA, Andrea Carlo (1809-1890) • Venus and Eros, chalk

DELLA ROVERE, Giovanni Battista called FIAMMENGHINO (1561-1627) • The Virgin with the Child and Saintsblack chalk, brown ink

DE MURA, Francesco (1696-1782) • Standing Roman Soldier, black chalk

DE PISIS, Filippo (1896-1956) • Chikens, red chalk

DERAIN, Andre' (1880-1954) • Standing female nude, red chalk
  • Seated nude woman, pen

DE VITO, Michele (XIX century) • A pair of gouaches

DIAMANTINI, Fiorella (1931) • Portrait of Letizia, etching
  • Portrait of Letizia, brush and ink

DIAMANTINI, Giuseppe (1621-1705) • The adoration of the Magi, pen
DIAMANTINI, Giuseppe (1621-1705), attr. to • Moses and the daughters of Jethro, chalk

DISERTORI, Benvenuto (1887-1969) • The enclosed garden, woodcut
  • The ivy, engraving and etching
  • The great bell of Perugia, engraving and etching
  • The wall, engraving and etching
  • ex libris for Vittorio Pica, woodcut
  • Apollo and Fortune, etching and engraving
  • Il liutaio Giacomo Bisiach, litograph

DOVA, Gianni (1925-1991) • Untitled, colour etching

DUDOVICH, Marcello (1878-1962) • Studies for advertising posters, black chalk

DURANTI, Fortunato (1787-1863) • The holy family with the Magi, pen
• Landscape with farm houses, pen

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