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Mattia Jona, index by artist
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CALAMAI, Baldassarre (1797-1851) • An episode of the plague, pen

CALAMATTA, Luigi (1801-1868) • Portrait of Niccolo Paganini, engraving

CAMPI, Giacomo (1846-1921) • People at the door of a house, watercolour

CAMPIGLI, Massimo (1895-1971) • Passeggiata romana, colour lithograph
  • Self-portrait, colour lithograph
  • L'incontro II, etching

CAMUCCINI, Vincenzo (1771-1844) • Studies of figures, black chalk
CAMUCCINI, Vincenzo (1771-1844) attr. to • Raphael and Bramante, pen and wash

CARENA, Felice (1870-1966) • Two warriors, pen and ink
• Two studies of a female nude crouched, black chalk

CARPI, Aldo (1886-1973) • Portrait of Cesare Battisti, black chalk

CARRA', Carlo (1881-1966) • Spiaggia a Moneglia, etching, 1924
  • Still life, lithograph, touched artist's proof

CASORATI, Felice (1883-1963) • Fanciulle dormienti, etching, 1927

CASTIGLIONE, Giovanni Benedetto (1609-1664) • Bacchanal before a Herm of Pan, etching
  • Il Genio, etching
  • Circe, etching

CAVALLUCCI, Antonio (1752-1795) • Saint Mary of Egypt, etching, black chalk

CHAPLIN, Elisabeth (1890-1982) • Standing nude boy, black chalk

CHIKANOBU, Toyohara (1838-1912) • Court ladies playing hanetsuki, colour woodblock print, triptych

CIANCIAINI, Fernand, called Cian (1889-1954) • Bust of Beethoven, terracotta

CIARDI, Guglielmo (1842-1917) • Sailing ships in the Venetian lagoon, pen

CIARROCCHI, Arnoldo (1916-2004) • Portrait of a girl, pen

CIUTI, Enrico (1910-?) • A view in Venice, 1946, black chalk

COGHETTI, Francesco (1801-1875) • The conversion of St Paul, pen and wash

COLOMBI BORDE, Francesco (1846-1905) • The duel, etching

CONCONI, Luigi (1852-1917) • A landscape with bushes and clouds, black chalk and wash
  • Self-portrait as a shadow, etching, artist's proof
  • Self-Portrait, 1879, etching
  • L'Arco di Tito (la terza Roma), etching
  • A toad, etching
  • Solitudine, etching
  • Portrait of Tranquillo Cremona, etching
  • La casa del mago, etching
  • La casa del mago, another impression, etching
  • Campagna lombarda, etching
  • Gelosia, etching
  • Le streghe, etching
  • Portrait of Luigi Arrigoni, etching
  • La Simona, etching
  • Falconers, etching
  • The sword, etching
  • Pentita, etching
  • Ebbrezza, etching
  • Salmodie, etching
  • Ada, etching
  • Neve sui tetti, etching
  • Il calar della notte, etching
  • Notturno, etching
  • Carlo Porta, etching
  • Portrait of Giosuè Carducci, touched artist's proof
  • Portrait of Giuseppe Brentano, etching
  • Blackcap, etching
  • Ruit hora, a clock face, etching
  • The confession, etching
  • L'onda, etching
  • La Famiglia Artistica, etching
  • Ex libris per Carlo Dossi, black chalk
  • Temporale, etching
  • Fante di fiori, etching
  • Regina di coppe, etching
  • Portrait of the artist's daughter, etching
  • Portrait of the artist's son, etching
  • Delusione, etching
  • Delusione, etching, printed on silk
• Country scene from the Decameron, watercolour
• Lo scorpione, etching
• Menu', etching
• Portrait of a Woman, etching
• Amor materno, etching
• Amor materno, another version, etching
• Malinconia, etching
• Reverie, etching
• The original watercolour for the cover of the novel Port-Tarascone
• A scene of the Murders of the Rue Morgue, oil sketch

CONTI, Primo (1900-1988) • A woman sewing, black chalk
  • Urban landscape, a stage design, watercolour
  • Urban landscape, a stage design, watercolour

CORNIENTI, Cherubino (1816-1860) • Prometheus, black chalk
  • Amor senza rispetto, black chalk
  • Compositional sketches, black chalk
  • Female figure laying on her back, pen
• A Bacchante, pen

CORRODI, Hermann (1844-1905) • Two landscapes with streams, etchings

COSTA, Nino (1826-1903) • Study of Female Nude reclining, black chalk;; a preparatory study for the painting Leda (1900)
  • Study of Landscape, black chalk on blue paper; a preparatory study for the painting Leda (1900)
  • Female Nude kneeling, black chalk
  • Studies of Young Male Nudes, black chalk
  • The Penitent Magdalene, black chalk, heightened with white
  • Female Figure with a Jug, black chalk, heightened with white
  • Portrait of Rosalinda Costa, red chalk

CREMA, Giovanni Battista (1883-1964) • A satyr in a wood, watercolour

CROATTO, Bruno (1875-1948) • Female nude, etching printed in colours

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