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Mattia Jona, index by artist
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BACCI, Baccio Maria (1888-1974) • Standing nude woman, black chalk

BALDASSINI, Guglielmo (1885-1952) • An advertising lesflet, etching
• Landscape under the snow, a pair of etchings

BALDESSARI, Roberto Marcello Iras (1894-1965) • Three futurist etchings

BANFI, Gioacchino (1894-1885) • Carro, etching

BARTOLINI, Luigi (1892-1963) • Il bosco degli amanti, etching
  • Altana Romana, etching
  • Still life with fishes, etching
  • Tagliacozzo, 1921, etching, artist's proof'
  • Bagnante, etching

BASSANO, Jacopo da Ponte(1510-1592) • Head of a Woman, black chalk

BAZZARO, Ernesto (1859-1937) • Harp player, black chalk
  • Self-portrait, black chalk
  • Nude boy seated, etching, a working proof
• Nude boy seated, etching, a touched working proof
• Nude boy seated, etching, a working proof
  • Nude boy seated, etching, a working proof
  • Head of a young woman, etching, signed in pen and dedicated
  • Profile head of a young woman, etching, working proof
  • A view of the Darsena in Milan, etching, earlier state
  • A view of the Darsena in Milan, etching, three working proofs
  • Monumentum, etching, an earlier state
  • Monumentum heroibus, etching, signed in pen and dedicated
  • Mestizia, etching, signed in pen and dedicated
  • Female nude lying, etching, two proofs
  • Bust of a young woman, etching
  • Portrait of Emma Ivon, etching
  • Dancer, etching
  • Artista, etching
  • Boats, etching

BELTRAME, Achille (1871-1945) • An open air theatre, watercolour
  • Collapsing buildings, watercolour
  • Portrait of a young woman, watercolour
  • Lying figure, black chalk and watercolour

BEZZUOLI, Giuseppe (1784-1850) • Shepherd with his cattle, black chalk

BIANCHI, Mosè (1840-1904) • La Pusterla dei Fabbri in Milan, black chalk, stumping, pen
  • Chierico seduto, etching
  • I fratelli al campo, etching

BIANCONI, Fulvio (1915-1996) • A RAI studio in 1959, fountain pen

BIGNAMI, Alfonso (1845-1906) • Il guado, etching

BIGNAMI, Vespasiano (1841-1929) • Two lovers, black chalk

BISEO, Cesare (1843-1909) • Middle eastern town, black chalk and wash

BISON, Giuseppe Bernardino (1762-1844) • St. Peter and St. Paul, pen, washed in red

BOCCIONI, Umberto (1884-1916) • Uomo Seduto, etching, the only known impression
  • La madre che cuce, drypoint

BOLDINI, Giovanni (1842-1931) • Seated young lady, black chalk

Bolognese Artist (first half 18th century) • Studies of ancient soldiers, pen and wash

BONAZZA, Luigi (1877-1965) • Morning, mezzotint on steel
  • Sunset, mezzotint on steel
  • Europa, mezzotint on steel
  • Can-can, etching on steel
  • Portrait of Cesare Battisti, mezzotint on steel
  • Seated male nude, black chalk

BONNARD, Pierre (1867-1947) • A female body, black chalk

BONZAGNI, Aroldo (1887-1918) • I viaggi dello zaino (title design), pen and wash

BORROMEO ARESE, Giberto (1815-1885) • Six sketches of landscapes, pen

BORSA, Emilio (1857-1931) • Standing nude woman, pen and ink
  • Studies of figures, black chalk

BOSCHINI, Raffaele (1893-1960) • A seated girl, chalk
  • A harlot with a client, chalk

BOSSI, Giuseppe (1777-1815) • Three bearded heads, black chalk
  • Two men fighting, pen
  • A woman holding a baby, pen
  • Ajax the great, pen
  • A large neoclassical scene, pen and wash

BOZZETTI, Cino (1876-1949) • The canal in winter, etching
  • The forest that looks to the outside, etching
  • Visiting the stable in the night, etching
  • The mooing cow, etching
  • Il bosco delle Arpie, third version, etching
  • Celeno, l'arpia delle Strofadi, 5th version, etching
  • The cow and the calf, etching
  • The fields devasted by the flood, etching

BRASS, Italico (1870-1943) • Portrait of a lady, black chalk

BRESCIANI, Archimede (1881-1939) • Self-portrait, 1922, black chalk

BUCCI, Anselmo (1887-1955) • Portrait of the painter Pirola, soft ground etching
  • Uscita dall'arca, drypoint

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