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19th and 20th century prints and drawings

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CHERUBINO CORNIENTI, Prometheus, black chalk

CHERUBINO CORNIENTI, Amor senza Rispetto, black chalk

FRANCESCO COGHETTI, The Conversion of St Paul, pen and wash

FRANCESCO PODESTI, Triumph of a Roman Emperor, pen and wash

CARLO FONTANA, Saint John and Saint Matthew, pen and wash


PUVIS DE CHAVANNES, Studies of Figures, black chalk

PUVIS DE CHAVANNES, half kneeled figure, black chalk

RAFFAELE RAGIONE, Seated Female Figures, black chalk

TELEMACO SIGNORINI, Riding Figures, black chalk

EMILIO GOLA, Landscape with Trees, black chalk

EDUARDO DALBONO, Studies of a Woman, black chalk

EMILIO BORSA, A Standing Nude Woman, pen

EMILIO BORSA, Studies of Figures, black chalk

FRANCESCO JACOVACCI, Standing Peasant Woman, pen and black ink

FRANCESCO JACOVACCI, Standing Peasant Man, pen and black ink

FRANCESCO JACOVACCI, Standing Male Nude, pen

FRANCESCO JACOVACCI, Standing Male Nude Seen from Behind, pen

PIO JORIS, Art Collectors, pen and brown ink

RUGGERO PANERAI, Horse Carts, black chalk

GUGLIELMO CIARDI, Sailing Ships in the Venetian Lagoon, pen, heightened with white, SOLD

MARIO TOZZI, Standing Female Nude, black chalk

MARIO TOZZI, Still Life with Mandolin, black chalk

ACHILLE BELTRAME, An Open Air Theatre, watercolour

ACHILLE BELTRAME, Collapsing Buildings, watercolour

ACHILLE BELTRAME, Lying Figure, black chalk

LUDOLF VERWORNER, Seated Female Nude, black chalk

PRIMO CONTI, Urban Landscape, watercolour

PRIMO CONTI, Urban Landscape, watercolour

BELA KADAR, An Horseman, watercolour

BELA KADAR, Figures and Animals, watercolour

GIACOMO MANZU', Death by Violence, black chalk

PIO SEMEGHINI, Girl with a Guitar, pen and pastel

FELICE CARENA, Two Warriors, pen

LUCIANO MINGUZZI, a Dead Torero, pen, SOLD

GIANCARLO POZZI, the Fall, black and coloured chalks

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