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Mattia Jona, master drawings, prints, japanese prints

Mattia Jona: dealer, agent and appraiser in master drawings and prints, japanese printsLa Portantina di Mattia Jona - Piazzetta Guastalla 5, 20122 Milan, Italy
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I began dealing in Old Master drawings and prints in 1975. Since then, my range of interests in the field of the works of art on paper has expanded to include drawings and prints by nineteenth and twentieth century artists, mainly Italian, as well as Japanese woodblock prints. In February 2000 I opened up this web site: a virtual exhibition including drawings and prints from stock and a shop-window for my latest acquisitions. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any information about the works on view here, or should you want to be informed about future acquisitions in your fields of interest. My recent acquisition page will be updated periodically. If you want to be notified when a new update is made, just send me an e-mail
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Mattia Jona, recent acquisitions, November 2016

TSUKIOKA YOSHITOSHI (1839 - 1892) BIOGRAPHIES OF MODERN MEN (Kinsei kyōgiden) Colour woodblock prints, the complete series of 36 vertical ôban, plus title page. Very good impressions, colour and condition

This page contains a preview of some works that will appear in the forthcoming updates of my web site

I have been charged of the sale of a large collection of French caricature drawings of the second half of the nineteenth century, early twentieth century. The collection includes, among others, works by Sahib (Louis Ernest Lesage, 1847–1919), Louis Denis-Valvérane (1870-1943), Henry Gerbault (1863-1930), Edmond Tapissier, Tap (1861-1943). The bulk of the collection consists of more than 80 drawings by Cham (Charles Amédée de Noé, 1818 -1879) and more than 190 drawings by Georges Tiret Bognet (1855-1935). All material was photographed and we are pleased to provide images and information to those interested.

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GUGLIELMO CORTESE called IL BORGOGNONE, The Battle Of Joshua At Gibeon (Joshua 10:12-13), Pen and brown ink, washed in brown, heightened with white, on brown paper. Squared. 235 x 554 mm. This is the final preparatory drawing for the fresco (1656-57) in the Sala del Trono, Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome

two hanging scrolls by Watanabe Seitei

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